90 years of experience in logistics

It was a rough time in 1923 for agricultural labourer Pieter Plantinga. In order to put food on the table he decided, in addition to his work at the fields, to try his luck in the transportation of agricultural goods. With money borrowed from his former employer, he managed to buy a an old Ford TT Truck. The Ford (still flaunts at the entrance of the office in Heerenveen) was completely renovated and so he could, with quite some struggle, carry a cow and calf.

PAX Groep historisch wagenparkDuring World War II, the entire vehicle fleet was ruined. Except for one, the Ford TT Truck. After four years of being tucked away the truck saw the light of day again and formed the base of a new start. In 1946 Pieter Plantinga started his new international company which he aptly named nv PAX (Latin for peace). Army trucks of the allied forces, such as the Diamond T 981 and T 980 (see photo below), were taken over and with this the company grew significantly in the post war years.

Over the years PAX Group has evolved into a holding of subsidiaries in the logistics, each with their own specialization. Through close cooperation between these companies an integrated and efficient solution can be found in many different logistical issues.

Nowadays, 90 years after Pieter Plantinga carried his first cow and calf, Sjoerd Plantinga is the third generation in charge of the company. So, after nearly a century in logistics, PAX Group is still a family business and has never lost sight of its roots.


Diamond T980 Mover, PAX Groep T981, T 980

The Diamond T980. Still owned by PAX Group and since 2006 restored to its former glory.