Geschiedenis van PAX Groep de Gebroeders Plantinga

History, the
for the future



Our rich history is of great value and is the beating heart of the company where the past, present and future come together.

The history is the foundation of all our actions and reflects our core values. After nearly a century in logistics, PAX Group is still a true family business and has never lost sight of its roots.


It was a rough time

with poor economic circumstances in 1923, also for farmhand Pieter Plantinga. In order to put food on the table, he decided, in addition to his work at the fields, to try his luck in the transportation of agricultural goods.
He borrowed some money from a local farmer and bought an old fi re truck, a Ford TT.
The truck was fully restored and made suitable for road transportation. And so, with some fitting and measuring, he could just carry a cow and calf.
With side trading in wood and peat the number of clients increased, enabling his brother Jan H.M Plantinga to join the company in the thirties.

*The Ford TT still flaunts at the entrance of our office in Heerenveen, Holland.


De oldtimer Diamond T van PAX Groep uit 1947 met ketel achterop.

A real setback followed

in the the Second World War in which the whole fleet was ruined. Except for one, the Ford TT. After four years of being tucked away the truck saw the light of day again and formed the base of the new start in Stroobos Friesland.
In 1946 Pieter Plantinga started with full enthusiasm his new international company aptly named n.v. PAX*. Army trucks, like the Diamond T961 and T980**, were bought from the Allies and with these strong trucks the company was geared for the postwar future.

* Pax is the Roman goddess of peace. Additionally a peace dove had been integrated in the former logo.
** The Diamond T980 is still owned by the PAX Groep and has been restored to its former glory since 2006.

1952 1952

Linkbelt hijst een onderdeel en PAX Magirus transporteert verschillende onderdelen.

In good spirits

Pieter Plantinga explored the new chances and logistic opportunities. In prosperity and adversity the true belief remained, with success as result. This fire still burns throughout the entire organisation. Nowadays, 96 years after Pieter Plantinga carried his first cow and calf, Sjoerd Plantinga as third generation is at the helm. So, after nearly a century in logistics, PAX Groep is still a family business and has never lost sight of its roots*.

* According to former CEO Pieter Plantinga, willpower, unity and dedication formed the basis of the PAX organisation. Decades later, these values are still key and are the basis of everything we do.


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