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Global forwarding

Global forwarding


Anyone who does business internationally will have to deal with customs formalities. Lots of paperwork, for which specific knowledge is required. With all the required knowledge, our own customs department takes care of all your customs matters for the import, export and transit of your goods.

We plan and arrange the entire transport process for you. Our specialists combine all knowledge from transport (road, air, rail and sea) to customs handling. No cargo too big, no country too far. We do not think in terms of limits, but think in possibilities.

In addition to all customs matters, we are also happy to advise you on all other additional matters, such as the Incoterms. PAX Groep offers a total logistics package. For example, we can also label, transfer, store under transit, seal and package your goods for export.

We are ISO9001 certified, which guarantees the quality of our business processes. In addition, we also have the AEO status. Do you want to import or export something? Feel free to contact our experienced specialists to discuss all options regarding transport and customs matters.


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