Machine montage installatie

Industrial services

Industrial services

Assembly & disassembly

Our industrial mechanics build machine lines worldwide. Both new and used. Furthermore, our teams are used for maintenance shutdowns, overhauls and disassembly of machine lines.

Expansion, replacement, maintenance and relocation of machines and other process equipment; environments where production or construction takes place are constantly changing. We assemble and place industrial objects such as:

  • Packaging machines;
  • Medical and printing machinery;
  • Evaporators and drying towers;
  • Generators and turbines;
  • Tanks and silos.

Not enough manpower? We can supply qualified and experienced mechanics at times when you need them. Of course our engineers are qualified to carry out your projects safely and correctly. For example, we have a VCA-P certification.

In addition to assembly, we provide complete industrial relocations; from dismantling at the old location to installation at the new location, plus everything in between. All with the aim of minimally disrupting the continuity of your business process. Please contact us to discuss the options.


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