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Industrial services

Industrial services

Project management

With our turnkey package we take care of your concerns during the project. We deliver your machines or other industrial objects to any desired location. We manage and take care of the entire coordination; from advice and preparation to installation and assembly.

For various customers we arrange that all links in the entire logistics chain are perfectly matched. This ensures fewer risks, transfer moments, time and costs. Think of:

  • Consolidation and assembly
  • Testing and storage
  • Packaging and preparation for export
  • Transport and shipment
  • Lifting plans, VGM’s en TRA’s,
  • Internal transport and postioning

We have modern equipment and a variety of in-house specialists. From engineers to riggers and from engineers to safety experts. By having everything in-house, there is complete control over the execution of the projects. Moreover, we can continuously meet our high quality requirements.

Industrial relocation or replacement of machinery? Please contact us to discuss all options.


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