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Truck mounted crane transport

We are specialized in truck-mounted crane transport. With a truck-mounted crane, transport can be combined with hoisting and enables our drivers to load and unload independently.

In addition to the quick loading and unloading of, for example units and containers, the truck-mounted crane also offers a solution at hard-to-reach locations, such as factories and building sites.

Our cranes have a capacity of 60 to 80 tons/meter. Some of them are equipped with a winch, pallet hook and / or JIB for an extra large reach. The truck-mounted cranes are remotely controlled. As a result, our drivers always keep an overview and see exactly what is happening. All our drivers are of course certified and everything is carried out with the highest level of professionalism and safety.

Do you need transport with a truck-mounted crane? Please contact us. With our 27 ruck-mounted cranes in various configurations, we can certainly offer a solution.


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