Out of gauge transport met open container

Industrial services

Industrial services

Loading, stowing and packaging

Proper protection is often required to transport machines and process equipment. At our locations in Heerenveen and Alphen aan den Rijn, we can efficiently stow loads in containers and flat racks and pack it safely for optimum protection.

Containers are ideal for cost-effective overseas transportation of industrial goods. In addition, we often have “out of gauge” goods that do not fit in regular sea containers. We use flat racks and open-top containers in those cases. Stowing efficiently translates directly into benefits for our customers: fewer risks, time and costs.

We create customized solutions such as crates, boxes, skids and saddles. These wooden (export) packaging offers perfect protection of the goods during transport and storage.

In addition, we can package your goods with industrial shrink film. With this we can protect almost everything such as machines, storage tanks, filters, process vessels and evaporators.

PAX Groep provdies a total logistics package. In addition to stowing and packaging, we can transport your goods to the ports, store and arrange shipping plus all customs formalities. Please contact us to discuss the options.


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